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Where Amazing Happens. Discuss all things NBA here, including the history of the game, player comparisons, regular season games and much more.

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Brooklyn Nets

Hello Brooklyn. Are You Ready?

Feb 10, 2019

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Come here to discuss anything and everything other than basketball.

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  1. Million Post thread,

    bball2223’s hideaway

    Lets get a thread to a million posts. Post anything, and everything until we get to one million.

  2. Conference Expansion: Explosion Coming?

    America East Conference

    There has been plenty of rumor and articles during the past couple of weeks that suggest possible expansion of various BCS leagues……and now comes this from the Big East: Their commish talks about…

  3. Will there be a 20-21 season?

    America East Conference

    The more I read about the virus spread, the stupidity of so many people nation wide and the consequences for even one or two members of a team coming down with the virus during the season, it seems the whole league could be thrown into disarray in an instant…Games cancelled, teams needing to…

  4. 2020-21 Vermont Catamounts

    America East Conference

    Time to turn the page. Let’s start talking 2020-2021!

  5. Impending Doom on 2020-21 Season

    Atlantic 10 Conference

    Ok, time to talk seriously about this. 1. Nothing has actually changed since March 13, when we all (hopefully) started hiding inside from Coronavirus. It’s still spreading at a high rate, has already killed the equivalent of TWO VIETNAM WARS worth of Americans (and counting), and we have…

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