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17 The Kentucky class of 1992 were known as “the unforgettables”, a group of no-names that brought the school from the ruins of an embarassing probation to national prominence. Four years later, in 1996, “the untouchables” brought Kentucky a national championship. Who was the loser that year?

Question From Quiz: NCAA Tournament Losers #2 (click to play it). Question by author asutbone.

Answer: Indiana The #1 seeded Kentucky Wildcats defeated #4 seeded Syracuse in the championship game. Syracuse had beaten #5 Mississippi State in the Final Four, who had beaten #2 Cincinnati in the Elite Eight. The Bearcats had gotten that far by beating #3 Georgia Tech in the Sweet Sixteen. GT had previously defeated #11 Boston College, who had eliminated #6 Indiana in the first round. Had Kentucky fallen to Syracuse in the championship game, New Orleans would have been declared the loser. In a Mississippi State/Massachusetts final game, George Washington would have been the loser had UMass won, and Portland would have been the loser had MSU won.

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