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  main focus is institutional or commercial basketball backboard systems, we also sell residential basketball hoops. We offer 3 main categories of basketball backboard systems. Wall-mounted basketball hoops, Portable Basketball Hoops, & In Ground Basketball Hoops. Each type requires its own set of information to properly determine equipment selection.

    Wall mounted basketball systems are designed to be installed into brick, concrete block, or masonry type walls. Additional wall bracing may be needed for wood or steel framed buildings. Another consideration is mounting structure extension length. Main court basketball systems are typically positioned so that the backboard protrudes 4′ passed the out of bounds line into the playing surface of the court. Measure the distance between your out of bounds line & the mounting wall then add 4′ for the mounting structure extension length needed for your facility. We offer cut to size & telescoping systems that cover a range of lengths.

    Portable Basketball Systems are another great alternative. The main question you’ll want to ask yourself is will this fit in my facility? Portable basketball goals can take up a lot of room. Measure the distance from your out of bounds line to the nearest wall or obstruction. Minimum space needed for our portable basketball hoops are; Hurricane is 10′ 11″, Tempest 8’3″, Storm is 8′, Thunder 5′, Fury 56″, Rampage 54″

    In Ground Basketball Goals are our most popular items. We sell both fixed height & adjustable systems in dozens of configurations. Deciding what to select is more nuanced than the other system types, things to consider are; facility type, light , med, or heavy exposure to public rough play, aesthetics, & budget. We suggest calling directly at 866-892-7277 for expert advice.



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